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Ring today for confidential advice, you do not have suffer discrimination or unfair treatment and have a employer ruin your life.

You do not have to be treated like a second class citizen in the workplace. You have rights in the various tribunal systems for compensation, an apology or counseling assistance if required.

What is Our Approach?

Employees, on average, are not fully aware of their rights under Australian Industrial Relations and Equal Opportunity Laws. We will assist you as non legal advocates you to bring Justice and Closure under these Laws.

A Whole New Approach Pty Ltd offers you zealous representation of your interests by experienced, competent, and dedicated representatives. We have an outstanding record of achieving successful results for our clients in the areas of employment, discrimination and workcover issues.

We do not 'play both sides of the fence', we have no conflict of interest with employers, we do not go to lunch with them, we are here for you. We have a reputation with the tribunal and commissions systems who know we help the employees only.

Many who have attempted to battle on, without representation, have found that they have stepped into the proverbial minefield.

  • Costs begin to mount with possibly No Income.
  • Frustration builds as negotiations break down.
  • Experienced Employers know how to work the System against you.

We can assist you in four ways.

1.Accessibility: We want to listen to you, and are ready to help 7 days a week.
2. Affordability: No on going costs and in some cases, no win no pay may apply.
3. Specialists: in Mediation, Negotiation and non legal advocacy
4. An Honest Assesment: We will not lead you astray or prolong your complaint just to charge fees. The skill in all systems is to get the result you want as early as you can and get out.

We are a Community Based organization designed to assist Individuals or Groups in obtaining Justice for discrimination in the Workplace. The general belief that the Employers or the Wealthy always win is not ours as we have proven on many occasions.

Lodging a Claim with the Industrial Relations, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissions, or VCAT can be complex as Employers, in many cases, look to Jurisdictional matters so that your Claim cannot be heard.

We will lodge an Unfair Dismissal Claim on your behalf and represent you at hearings, or in many cases negotiate a result before a Hearing Date arrives.

If you are seeking assistance or you are already Stressed and Under Pressure we can take that pressure off you and give you the Peace of Mind you deserve.

We are the only serious advocacy organization and web site dedicated to only helping the employee, this avoids conflicts of interest and we are dedicated to helping you.

Your rights and justice may only be a phone call away.


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