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We can give you extensive workplace and employment advice, we cannot give you legal advice, we are not lawyers, we will refer your case to a lawyer or barrister for advise if the circumstances warrant it.

Our professional relationships with clients require complete trust and confidence, and we keep all information clients provide us in kept strict confidence. We subscribe to the highest standards of professional conduct and responsibility. A Whole New Approach Pty Ltd is dedicated to client service.

All correspondence by email or fax is treated in the strictest of confidence, and will returned on request. Under no circumstance will we contact an employer or any other party without your consent.

No win, no fee

A Whole New Approach takes on many industrial relations, unfair dismissal and discrimination matters on a no win-no fee basis. This saves people money which is particularly important when they have lost their job or are experiencing issues in the workplace. We approach your case with a social justice agenda; if we feel you have an arguable matter we will often take on your industrial relations claim on a no win, no fee basis so that you can retain your money should you be unsuccessful in your claim. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by your employer, do not let your financial situation stop you from seeking help or justice. Everyone should have access to achieving justice in the workplace, especially when they have a genuine unfair dismissal, unlawful dismissal or discrimination claim.

If we take on your industrial relations or discrimination claim on a no win, no fee basis, we carry the risk of your claim. We believe in your case, and are willing to shoulder the risk of losing for you. Should we win your case, we take a percentage of the settlement, and you keep the rest. This allows clients who are suffering financial hardship to have access to justice. If however, you are in a financial position to pay fees, but are unwilling to pay, it begs the question: If you don’t believe in your own case, why should we? If you can afford to pay fees but don’t want to, does that mean you don’t believe your case will win?

In essence, A Whole New Approach takes on a large proportion of cases on a no win-no fee basis, however this is decided on a case-by-case basis.

We are members of:

•Industrial Relations Society of Vic.
•Australian Labour Law Association.
•Australian Human Resources Institute.
•Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators of Australia.
•Australian Institute of Management.
•Victorian Association for Dispute Resolution
•Victorian Association for Restorive Justice

We are the only serious Workplace and Discrimination Representatives and web site dedicated to only representing the employee, this avoids conflicts of interest and we are dedicated to helping you.


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